Wednesday, 14. November 2018

va-Q-tec publishes 9M 2018 report

  • 9M 2018 revenue: EUR 37.1 million compared with EUR 34.6 million in 9M 2017 (+7%)
  • EBITDA 9M 2018: EUR 2.1 million compared with EUR 6.1 million in 9M 2017 (-65%)
  • Significant infrastructure investments for future growth completed
  • Strategic expansion of international presence further advanced
  • "Power 20+" performance program launched
Thursday, 25. October 2018

va-Q-tec receives “Growth Champions 2019” award

va-Q-tec is among the “Growth Champions 2019”. This is the result of a study by the German news magazine Focus-Business. Together with the data company Statista, those German companies have been identified that achieved the highest percentage sales growth per year from 2014 to 2017. 

Monday, 15. October 2018

va-Q-tec joins Pharma.Aero

va-Q-tec has recently joined the Pharma.Aero platform as an associated member. Pharma.Aero is a new collaboration platform uniting a growing number of key players in the global pharma-logistics temperature controlled supply chain (“TempChain”). Pharma.Aero was founded two years ago by Brussels Airport and Miami International Airport. The non-profit organization is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. The mission of the platform is to achieve excellence in reliable end-to-end air transportation for pharma shippers. Pharma.Aero aims to foster collaboration between CEIV airport communities dedicated in developing and leading when it comes to handling pharmaceuticals.  Members of Pharma.Aero are well-known pharma shippers, pharma-focused airports, airlines, freight forwarders and diverse service providers supporting the pharma TempChain.

Thursday, 11. October 2018

Global Insulation Conference and 1st prize for the best presentation

va-Q-tec researcher Dr. Flávia Almeida received the 1st prize for the best presentation for her research on advancements towards submicron pore size polystyrene foams in the 13th Global Insulation Conference, which took place from 25th-26th in Vienna, Austria.

Friday, 21. September 2018

va-Q-tec and TG Würzburg: A special partnership

va-Q-tec becomes the new name sponsor for the 1. women basketball team in Würzburg and gives players an opportunity to get work experience.

Tuesday, 18. September 2018

va-Q-tec receives German award “Großer Preis des Mittelstandes”

The company has been honored with the price for an outstanding performance as a company and for its commitment to the region.

Thursday, 09. August 2018

Leonie Beck won the silver medal at the European championships

Our marketing colleague Leonie Beck became second in the 5k open water swimming competition of the European championships in Glasgow. 

Friday, 03. August 2018

Bavarian State Minister of Ecoomic Affairs, Energy & Technology Franz Josef Pschierer visits va-Q-tec

As part of a two-day business trip to Lower Franconia, the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Franz Josef Pschierer visited the va-Q-tec headquarters in Würzburg yesterday.

During a site tour founder and CEO Dr. Joachim Kuhn informed about va-Q-tec's innovative technology and its outstanding energy efficiency. Franz Josef Pschierer was atonsihed by the outstanding performance of va-Q-tec's extensive product portfolio and the diverse application possibilities.

Thursday, 26. July 2018

va-Q-tec expands in Latin America

Opens New Latin American Headquarters and Operating Facility in Uruguay

va-Q-tec further expands its international presence with a new Latin American head office and operations facility in Montevideo.

Thursday, 05. July 2018

va-Q-tec AG holds successful 2018 AGM

  • More than 300 participants at the Würzburg Congress Centre
  • High presence representing 73% of the share capital
  • All agenda items approved by large majorities