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va-Q-tec, as a pioneer in the vacuum insulation sector, develops innova­tive insulation solutions for various industrial applications. The products based on vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) offer a high insulation effect, enormously reduced insulation thickness and a modular design for a very wide range of sizes and shapes. They are particularly advantageous if there is only little space available for the insulation and nevertheless, very good thermal insulation is required. All va-Q-tec products are the result of intensive development work. They offer our customers crucial added-value and provide answers to basic societal demands such as energy efficiency. The high product quality, controlled by the globally unique, patented va-Q-check® system, makes possible the reliable usage of this durable, highly efficient vacuum insulation.

The possible applications for our insulation technology are very varied. Vacuum insulation panels make it possible to maintain cold and hot temperatures constant, to save space and to reduce energy consump­tion significantly.

Hot water storage
Tanks, boilers, heat pumps
Industrial installations
Heat shields, enclosures for valves, tanks
District heating, process heating and cooling, drinking water
Laboratory devices
Freezers, incubators, chromatographs, climatic chambers
Ovens and dryers
Industrial ovens, climatic cabinets, drying ovens
Special applications


Vacuum Insulation Panels

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Applications Areas

Hot water tanks

Much of the energy that has become so valuable today is used for heating and hot water in buildings. However, due to poorly insulated storage tanks and pipes, a lot of energy can be lost even before it’s used. For some years now, all hot water tanks with a capacity of up to 2,000 litres have been classified from classes A+ to C on the EU label.

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Laboratory devices

Laboratory devices such as simulation cabinets need ideal temperature holding properties in order to deliver valid results. In addition to precision and reliable temperature holding time, an optimal ratio of total and effective volume is also an important factor that determines the efficiency of a device.

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We offer a large range of highly efficient thermal insulation solutions for many applications and pipes of almost all types. The basis for these system solutions is formed by the related VIPs with their low thermal conductance figures. These panels are integrated into an overall solution that meets the varying geometric, thermal and technical requirements for the relat­ed type of application.

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Special applications

Project: Thermally insulating softshell accessories for FARO FocusS and FocusM series
The new FARO thermal protection softshell was developed with the ob­jective of stabilising the temperature of the FocusS or FocusM scanner for operation in extreme environmental conditions, i.e. high atmospheric temperatures of up to + 55 °C and strong, direct sunlight.

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Extremely high thermal insulation performance
Cost-efficient solution
Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions
More usable space due to thin insulation
Durable and manufactured to the highest quality standards, “Made in Germany”
Outstanding functionality and safety
Available in a very wide range of shapes and geometries

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Application Examples

Successful partnership Already in 2014, more than a year before the introduction of the first…
Hot Water Tanks
Much of the energy that has become so valuable today is used for heating and…
Special Applications
Project: Thermally insulating softshell accessories for FARO FocusS and FocusM series Scanning under extreme temperature…