TempChain Network

TempChain Service Center


    Updated on April 19, 2024


    The transport solutions of the va-Q-tec TempChain Service are rental boxes and containers which are part of the TempChain network with its almost 40 TempChain Service Centers (TSC) worldwide. In addition to pre-conditioning, the va-Q-check system is used for quality control: In order to guarantee the optimal temperature holding time, the insulation of each box and container is checked several times before being shipped again. Only when the container fulfills our strict controls it will be released for the next transport.

    We plan to further extend the range of our TempChain fleet in the future: demand for transport solutions for the “last mile” right up to the patient’s or industry customer’s doorstep is increasing constantly and, with it, demand for an expansion of the TempChain network.

    Drop Points

    With more than 500 Drop Points all over the world our availability is truly global. For the convenience of our customers, va-Q-tec’s rental service allows for easy and quick return of boxes and containers to any Drop Point.