Joint success story

BINDER is the leading specialist for simu­lation cabinets for scientific and industrial laboratories and is focussed entirely on simulation cabinets. Several thousand ap­pliances leave the works in Tuttlingen each year. The brand image is characterised by cutting-edge technology, innovations and absolute precision.

The continuous internal temperature of approx. -86 °C requires high energy usage. Standard insulation materials are thick and occupy valuable internal space or contrib­ute to an increased total volume.

By means of the use of VIPs on all six sides, thinner walls are made possible and the ener­gy consumption reduced at the same time. In this way no condensation forms on the outer casing.

Support during Corona vaccine research
Along with support to global, life-saving medicine logis­tics for Corona test kits, with its unique vacuum insula­tion panels (VIPs) va-Q-tec is also supporting the German laboratory equipment manufacturer BINDER whose equipment is con­sidered imperative for Corona research. In this way va-Q-tec is actively contributing to fighting the virus also in this area.

va-Q-tec AG has collaborated with BIND­ER GmbH for many years. Howev­er, in times of the Corona crisis, the system relevance of this co-operation has become clear: to find a suitable vaccine or remedy for the pathogen, the pathogen must be produced synthetically. The break­through in the synthetic reproduction of the virus was achieved by a research team at the Universi­ty of Bern (Switzerland) with the aid of BINDER ultra-low temperature deep freezers.

These laboratory appliances must sustainably and reliably maintain tem­peratures lower than -86 °C. These temperature retention characteristics can be guaranteed by fitting va-Q-tec’s vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) in an energy and cost-efficient manner. Due to the ten-times better insu­lation than conventional insulation materials, the panels make it possible to manufacture freezers with thinner walls. As a consequence the internal volume of the appliance increases and more samples can be placed in it.