Application Examples for Mobility

The manufacture of industrial products is becoming more and more complex. The demands on applied materials are constantly increasing. Our innovative products and solutions meet and even exceed all those demands due to their disruptive technology. By installing our products, highest requirements on energy efficiency and environmental protection are fulfilled as well as our clients’ needs for comfort and safety. Our solutions meet the highest quality standards through standardized production processes and the use of the patented va-Q-check® system. With our new fire protection development all our solutions can withstand the most critical fire protection requirements such as in the aviation (AITM), the railway (HL3) and other industries.


Energy used for air conditioning and heating prevents us from freezing and sweating inside vehicles. However, without high performance insulation, a lot of energy is released into the environment. This not only harms the environment, but it is also particularly detrimental to the range and service life of the battery in an electric car. va-Q-tec recognized the potential for VIP insulation of electric vehicles at an early stage and insulated the BMW i3 all around with va-Q-pro technology.

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Commercial vehicles

Another field of application for VIPs is the use in commercial refrigeration vehicles. By equipping the cooling trailer with our VIPs, they can be insulated even more efficiently. This reduces energy losses and CO2 emissions caused by the cooling unit. In addition to the immense ecological advantages and the associated image enhancement for companies, the purchase of a VIP-insulated trailer is extremely cost-efficient.

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In the field of aviation, our VIPs make perfect use of their advantages. Due to their highly efficient insulation performance, low weight and low thickness they offer countless possibilities to support the aviation industry, e.g. by contributing to the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions. By insulating the aircraft body, the interior can be maximized, thus increasing the space available for passengers or offering more seats.

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Public Transport

Due to the megatrends of sustainability and reduction of CO2 emissions, communities and cities are focusing on increased use of public transport. Vehicle insulation with VIPs represents a major step towards greater sustainability in public transport. Both vehicles with combustion engines and electric motors benefit from our innovative insulation products.

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Special Projects

The successful Austrian ski freerider Fabian Lentsch and va-Q-tec have joined forces to organize an adventure trip to remote regions of the world. 40 of our high performance VIPs were the perfect solution for the van. The space saving insulation enabled an optimal separation of the temperatures inside of the van and the extreme outside temperatures of the remote ski regions.

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