Quality Control System

Control System of va-Q-tec

Quality lies at the core of everything we do at va-Q-tec – the capital „Q“ in the middle of our name serves as a reminder hereo. In addition to premium quality service and wellfounded technical consulting, we strive to produce only the very best quality products.

Quick and precise quality checks

The quality and service life of VIPs depends on the quality of the core material, the barrier foil, and most importantly, on the internal gas pressure. That is why va-Q-tec developed the globally patented quality control system va-Q-check®. It allows for the precise measurement of the internal gas pressure of every individual VIP in seconds. Each va-Q-tec VIP comes equipped with a small sensor disc for measurements and a barcode label. These two components allow va-Q-tec to store all information about the VIPs.

Lifetime performance of the VIP

Along with the patented va-Q-check® system we are further able to check and re-check all panels and ensure the quality and performance after every trip through-out the products lifetime. To secure the outstanding performance of each packaging and insulation solution, va-Q-tec checks 100% of all produced panels.

Advantages of va-Q-check

Quick and precise quality control
Significant reduction of non-visible VIP defects
Vacuum check by customer possible