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va-Q-tec and the media

Numerous publications regularly report about va-Q-tec. We have collected a selection of media coverage for you.

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va-Q-tec featured on Chanel News Asia

Dr. Joachim Kuhn speaks on News Asia as va-Q-tec expands into Singapore, tripling the capacity to produce 50,000 temperature-controlled boxes.

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va-Q-tec featured on Good Investing Talks Podcast

In the podcast, Dr. Joachim Kuhn was interviewed about the founding of va-Q-tec, its technology, and its sustainability approaches. The podcast series is aimed at financially interested listeners.

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va-Q-tec as a global player in Corona vaccination transport

Canada’s first batch of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine arrives using va-Q-tainers provided by va-Q-tec.

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va-Q-tec in the news of CAPA

On November 29, 2020, Center for Aviation (CAPA) reported in its digital news about the partnership of va-Q-tec and Air France KLM Martinair Cargo, which will expand their pharma containre service offers through the collaboration.

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va-Q-tec on NBC News

va-Q-tec was mentioned in a report on November 24, 2020 about the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine by NBC News.

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va-Q-tec on U.S. News

The North American news company U.S. News reported on va-Q-tec and its high-tech transport containers for ultra-low temperature in an online article on November 24, 2020.

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va-Q-tec and REUTERS

The recorded footage, taken by REUTERS, an international press agency, has already been used worldwide in several reports about va-Q-tec’s high performance reefer container.

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va-Q-tec in “Nürnberger Zeitung”

In mid-june the “Nürnberger Zeitung” reported on how va-Q-tec’s CEO, Dr. Joachim Kuhn, turned an ice-cold idea, the principle of the flat insulating can, into a world success.

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va-Q-tec in “Der Aktionär ” 21/2020

In mid-March, DER AKTIONÄR recommended va-Q-tec. Since then the hot stock of the week increased in value by around 50 percent. But there is more to it than that.

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va-Q-tec in “Der Aktionär” 12/2020

SUPPLY SECURED – the outbreak of the coronavirus has shown the importance of the supply of medication. va-Q-tec helps to ensure – not only in times of crisis.

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va-Q-tec in “apotheken markt”

va-Q-med implemented by kohlpharma

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va-Q-tec in “Börsengeflüster”

Performance takes on shape.

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va-Q-tec in “Der Aktionär”

va-Q-tec was featured as the “hot stock” of the week.

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Tipp der Woche: va-Q-tec

The Finance Magazine Capital Depesche featured our share as “Tipp der Woche”.

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va-Q-tec in “Börse Online”

va-Q-tec was featured in this week Börse online as the “hot deal” of the week.

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