Case Study Cold Sauna

Utilization of the usable volume in cold saunas

In cold- or cryosaunas, temperatures of approximately -115 °C are needed to achieve therapeutic effects. With a temperature difference of over 135 °C between indoor and outdoor spaces, particularly powerful insulation is necessary – especially in times of high energy costs. Conventional insulation for this temperature range would greatly reduce the internal volume.

More usable space through vacuum insulation

va-Q-tec offers the ideal solution for increasing the usable volume without sacrificing insulation capabilities. Vacuum insulation is an innovative solution and can be utilized when considerable thermal insulation is required despite having limited space to work with. The basis of the solution are vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), which have an insulating effect ten times better than conventional insulation materials of the same thickness.

In a cold sauna, about 2.5 m3 more usable space can be gained with a four-metre-long side wall: The insulation of the side walls could be reduced by 155 mm in a cryosauna designed by the engineering office Refolution Industriekälte. 160 mm vacuum insulation replaces an insulation made of PU foam with an additional air shield of 315 mm. Thomas Frank, CEO and founder of Refolution Industriekälte, stated that “By working with va-Q-tec, we can still use our products such as cold saunas and low-temperature storage rooms because we can increase the usable volume accordingly,”.

Successful partnership with Refolution Industriekälte

Refolution Industriekälte, founded in 2019, is an engineering office that specializes in sustainable industrial refrigeration technology. They mainly focus on plant construction in pharmaceutical process technology, chemical process technology, and special refrigeration technology. As environmental protection with advanced technology is the main goal of the company, they utilize durable, efficient, and fail-safe technologies with only natural refrigerants.