Laboratory Services

Validation service

The validation of thermal systems is an integral part of our extensive consulting services. The required thermal performance of systems is checked with the help of our various test equipment and measurement methods. The validation can be tailored to your specific application and requirements.

Climate Chambers

At va-Q-tec climate chambers play an important role for validation purposes. With climate chambers we are able to test the performance of all our products as well as of our customers. It is possible to generate specific customized thermal tests and also to create specific test stands for individual projects.

We offer a well-trained thermal consulting team and many differently sized climate chambers with variable conditions for the validation service. The climate chambers cover a temperature range between -70°C to +180°C and the control of the humidity during testing is also possible.

va-Q-tec offers

Simulation of existing and non-existing products with ambient profiles
3D simulations
Customer specific tests
Q-values [W/K] and energy consumption [W] measurements for containers, refrigerators and freezer (K * A)
Customer specific qualification of many industry scenarios
Customized validation of thermal systems
Weak spot analysis with e.g. infrared measurements
Analysis of thermal data