Last Mile Distribution of Covid-19 vaccines

The worldwide distribution of the Corona vaccine is considered a mammoth logistical task. Another big challenge lies in the last mile – to vaccination centers and doctors’ offices. Follow the exciting insights into two lighthouse projects in the two videos below:

In collaboration with the government of Uruguay, va-Q-tec’s innovative boxes and services support vaccine delivery there – even in remote regions. va-Q-tec also makes a major contribution to the distribution of vaccines in Germany. Mobile vaccination teams are supplied with vaccine with the help of the innovative boxes and services.

Vaccine transport in Uruguay

Most interesting facts:

  • A thermal packaging solution had to be found for both modes of transportation, air and road, in order to be able to supply small remote towns with few inhabitants and large urban centers with the temperature-sensitive vaccine.
  • All previous last mile vaccine shipments in Uruguay required temperatures between +2 °C and 8 °C. Up until now, the shipments of more than 600,000 Biontech/Pfizer doses have shown no temperature deviations.
  • The closed rental cycle of the va-Q-med boxes from the TempChain Service Center in Montevideo to the vaccination site and back again is not only particularly environmentally friendly. It is also particularly cost-efficient.

Vaccine transport in Germany

Most interesting facts:

  • With the va-Q-med and the services of va-Q-tec, customers get a “ready to load & go” solution for the transport of vaccines. The boxes are individually pre-conditioned and can therefore be loaded directly.
  • The boxes are handed over directly to the mobile vaccination teams. Due to the innovative technology and easy manageability, direct transport to the patient can be made possible.
  • Passive technology eliminates the need for transport in refrigerated vehicles. Different temperature ranges can now be transported in just one vehicle.
    The transport of the vaccines to the patient is completed by the va-Q-med without any temperature deviation, with a 100% uninterrupted TempChain.