Thermal Engineering Services

va-Q-tec specializes in developing and manufacturing high quality products for thermal insulation. We seek to provide our customers with in depth thermal consulting in order to develop the best solution for their needs. Our experts use advanced software to predict, analyze and evaluate thermal performance of all faces of our products. This allows va-Q-tec to give our customers precise advice about what products and services are most appropriate for any scenario, and to assess and optimize existing solutions.

For consultations on your specialized thermal applications, we provide a wide range of technical knowledge and experience through interdepartmental cooperation, which includes experience in: Thermal Packaging, Rental Services, Refrigerators and Freezers, Building Insulation, Technical Devices, Hot Water Storage Tanks, Mobility and Healthcare.

Our thermal experts look forward to talking to you.

Individual Solutions
With our expertise, we can provide a customized solution for any thermal challenge. Thomas Taraschewski,…
Laboratory Services
The requirements for thermal packaging are numerous. Depending upon which products need to be shipped…
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Exstensive consulting service offered by va-Q-tec

Thermal calculations for qualifying thermal concepts
Validation of existing systems
Rental of va-Q-check®
Concept analysis using different methods, including our own custom-designed simulation software
Design, construction and testing of thermal prototypes
Repair, maintenance and result analysis