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Due to their thin and flexible construction, our vacuum insulation panels make completely new applications in modern automotive and aerospace development. For example, our space-saving and lightweight panels can significantly increase energy efficiency in passenger cars and refrigerated trucks.

We successfully provide our products, solutions and services across many different industries covering each applications specific requirements. Through our engineering support and our extensive experience, we master even the most demanding challenges in insulation.


Vacuum Insulation Panels

va-Q-plus | T & I

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va-Q-plus | Appliances

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Highest thermal insulation performance
Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions
Space-saving insulation increases the usable space
Cost efficient solution
Light weight insulation
Long term insulation performance according to highest quality standards Made in Germany
Fulfills the highest demands on functionality and safety
Flexibility for different shapes

Application Areas

Energy used for air conditioning and heating prevents us from freezing and sweating inside vehicles….
Commercial Vehicles
Another field of application for VIPs is the use in commercial refrigeration vehicles. By equipping…
In the field of aviation, our VIPs make perfect use of their advantages. Due to…
Public Transport
Due to the megatrends of sustainability and reduction of CO2 emissions, communities and cities are…
Special Projects
Zephyr Batteries in solar aircrafts feed the electric motor and are recharged by the solar…