We offer a large range of highly efficient thermal insulation solutions for many applications and pipes of almost all types. The basis for these system solutions is formed by the related VIPs with their low thermal conductance figures. These panels are integrated into an overall solution that meets the varying geometric, thermal and technical requirements for the relat­ed type of application.

Together, all these system solutions have excellent thermal insulation performance but nev­ertheless with thin insulation. In this way the pipe losses can be reduced by up to 50% or even more compared with conventional pipe systems. The slender structure also means less space is required on-site. As a complete system, valuable time can also be saved during installation.

Advantages of our system solutions

Cost-efficient solution
Reduction of the energy consumption and the CO2 emissions
Thinner insulation creates more usable space
Durable and manufactured to the highest quality standards, “Made in Germany”

Piping applications

Steel district heating pipe

Purpose: Extremely high efficiency for long pipe runs

The challenge: In the area of district heating and district cooling, fluid is transported over long distances. Due to the thermal losses of the standard insulation materials, as a rule polyurethane foam, only a fraction of the energy arrives at the user.

Our solution: By means of the combination of the standard thermal insulation materials with our high-performance VIPs, the losses described above can be reduced by 50 % or even more. As a conse­quence of the lower heat losses, more energy reaches the users.

Plastic district heating pipe

Purpose: Energy efficiency combined with high pipe flexibility

The challenge: In local district heating and cooling networks, pre-insulated pipe systems, with almost rigid polyurethane foam insulation or with more flexible polyethylene foam insula­tion, are often used. During the selection of the pipe sys­tem, it is therefore necessary to decide for lower thermal losses (PU foam) or higher flexibility (PE foam).

Our solution: By means of the combination of the standard thermal insulation materials with our high-performance VIPs, flexibility, ease of installation and energy savings can be achieved while reducing the diameter.

Upgraded low-temperature pipe

Purpose: Upgrading existing or faulty insulation with highly efficient VIPs

The challenge: For pipes already installed, the failure of conventional insulation materials can result in enormous energy losses, damage due to corrosion, as well as degradation of safety (e.g. formation of ice due to condensation).

Our solution: The excel­lent compatibility of our high-performance VIPs with conventional insulation materials results in a quick, straightforward repair to the existing insulation installed, without the need to dismantle it. A process-safe and UVV-compliant operation can thus be easily continued.

Pipe in pipe solution for long-distance onshore & offshore pipes

Purpose: Prevention of hardening and blockage by means of highly efficient VIPs

The challenge: To be able to pump and transport fossil fuels reliably, blocking of the pipe during operation must be prevented. In addition, quick and trouble-free installation of the insulation and laying of the pipe must be ensured.

Our solution: By using high-performance VIPs, the thermal requirements in relation to the operating temperature can be met. At the same time, the external diameter of the pipe system can be reduced to a minimum, in this way material costs are saved and logistic advantages obtained.

Drinking water supply for public building Insulation system – can be used directly on-site

Purpose: Prevention of the formation of legionella by means of highly efficient insulation

The challenge: Due to long pipe runs (among others in public buildings), it is often a challenge to maintain the corresponding drinking water quality. There is a risk of the formation of bacteria if drinking water pipes are heated or cooled.

Our solution: By means of the use of our high-performance VIPs, even in tight installation ducts with neighbouring pipes which can affect the temperature, the space required for the insulation is reduced to a minimum. At the same time, the heating or cooling of the pipes with water is slower meaning that active cooling units and/or circulation lines do not need to be used.

Insulation system va-Q-shell pipe – can be used directly on-site

Purpose: Half-shells for uninsulated components and for upgrading

The challenge: In plant engineering and in industrial processes, a good insulation effect, quick processing as well as thermal reliability must be ensured in a small space. If no criteria are to be excluded, conventional insulation materials often come up against their limits.

Our solution: The va-Q-shell pipe, as a system solution, offers the perfect insulation for pipes that are to be insulated after installation. The combination of va-Q-tec’s high-performance VIPs with polyu­rethane foam insulation makes it possible to meet energy standards (e.g. the German energy saving or­dinance (EnEV), VDI 4610, etc.) while at the same time reducing the thickness of the insulation by up to 50%. va-Q-shell pipe is available in almost all common pipe diameters and is easy to install in the related application.