va-Q-tec receives the ESG Transparency Award for outstanding sustainability practices

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  • The award, which is presented by EUPD Research, recognizes the transparency of ESG Reports and their underlying measures and sustainability goals.
  • va-Q-tec is awarded the “Prädikat” seal of quality for its Sustainability Report 2022.
  • The award underlines the company’s ongoing commitment to taking a leading role in the industry for sustainable innovation.

Würzburg, December 07, 2023. va-Q-tec, a leader in thermal energy efficiency and temperature-controlled supply chains, has been honored with the prestigious ESG Transparency Award 2023 in recognition of its outstanding achievements in the category of environmental, social, and governance (ESG). The award recognizes the transparency of va-Q-tec’s ESG Reports, including their underlying measures and sustainability goals.

The award is presented to organizations that have set out on the path to greater Corporate Social Responsibility and have implemented forward-looking sustainability concepts in their corporate strategies. The transparent presentation of comprehensive sustainability measures within verifiable ESG Reports positions these pioneers as role models. These companies exemplify that environmental, social, and governance reporting not only ensures legal compliance but, more importantly, prioritizes the protection of people and their environment. The award underlines va-Q-tec’s continuous dedication to assuming a leading role in its industry through sustainable innovations.

Dr. Joachim Kuhn, CEO and founder of va-Q-tec, expressed his gratitude for the ESG Transparency Award, stating: “We are honored to receive this award. Transparency serves as the cornerstone for all ESG activities. Our goal is to drive sustainable innovations that have a positively influence both the environment and society. This award serves as motivation for the va-Q-tec team to continue on this path with unwavering commitment.”

The ESG Transparency Award is presented by EUPD Research Sustainable Management GmbH, which has developed a comprehensive set of test criteria for evaluating ESG Reports. These test criteria consider all relevant aspects in the areas of environment, social, and governance. More than 35 criteria are examined, covering the topics such as emissions strategy, energy efficiency, workforce structure, and compliance. These criteria adhere to applicable regulations, global standards, and frameworks. In accordance with the EUs CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive), sustainability reports are mandated to be integrated into a company’s annual report in the future, aligning with the requirements of the ESRS standard. The assessment results offer insights into the extent to which companies have successfully integrated these regulations.