va-Q-tec: The Insulation Industry Expert

We are proud of our 15 years of experience and award-winning technology

Vacuum insulation panels are our passion. va-Q-tec has won numerous national and international awards for energy-efficient technologies based on our VIP products. We invest in research and development and in the commercialisation of further innovations to maintain our competitive edge.

va-Q-tec offers the worldwide largest VIP product portfolio and holds more than 50 active international property rights, including the copyright for our unique quality control solution va-Q-check®. Additionally, va-Q-tec undergoes regular certification procedures by TÜV SÜD in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO 5001, and ISO 1401.


In-house Manufacture of Components and Custom Insulation Solutions.

va-Q-tec covers the entire chain from VIP development to sales in highly specialised industries. Furthermore, we are specialists in the manufacturing of other components like cold and heat storage units (phase change material - PCM), specially produced in our own facilities. Our many years of industry know-how, sophisticated equipment for test procedures, and our official verification by experts in thermal physics allow us to develop custom solutions for complex client requirements.

Quality Management

The high quality of va-Q-tec's VIPs stems from:

• Using the best high barrier films available on the market to secure a minimum increase of gas pressure and a long lifetime
• Consistent quality control of all materials entering production
• 100 % production control with va-Q-check® before delivery




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