The Worldwide Largest VIP Portfolio

va-Q-tec has been a trendsetter in the insulation sector since its inception, and has since then successfully launched three generations of vacuum insulation panels. Multiple product types mean that our clients can choose the best possible technical solution to suit their specific needs.


VIP Panels with distinctive core materials

va-Q-tec is currently the only provider of vacuum insulation panels worldwide offering four distinctive core materials in serial production:

• Silica panel
• Silica powder
• Fibreglass panel
• Polyurethane panel

Heat conduction comparison of VIPs to traditional, non-evacuated insulation materials:

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Smooth edges with va-Q-seam

The rectangular shape of va-Q-tec vacuum panels is achieved with through va-Q-seam technology. This unique technology is patent-protected worldwide and can only be used for va-Q-tec VIPs. The special edge-folding technique produces smooth edges which significantly simplifies the panel installation. Our unique va-Q-seam technology allows us to join and install VIPs virtually without gaps and thermal bridges. 


VIPs in 2D and 3D Shapes

The unique flexibility and shapeability of va-Q-tec's award-winning VIPs give va-Q-tec a distinctive competitive advantage in the field. We are the only manufacturer of vacuum insulation panel's worldwide producing VIPs in various 2D and 3D shapes in automated serial production.

3D shapes, folded VIPs, panels with cut-outs, shaped corners or apertures, cylindrical or round panels. If required, your va-Q-tec panels can be customised to meet your specific requirements.

Here a selection of our various VIP shapes:

1. Dreidimensionale Krümmung2. Gebogene Form3. Runde Form4. Zylinder5. Ausstanzung6. Aussparung7. Faltung8. Halbkugel9. Eckenabschnitt10. Trichter11. Kühlgeräteinfassung12. Umhüllung