The insulation of flat roofs with vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) is easy to perform. In the pitched roof area, various design variants are possible when using VIPs to create sensible and efficient insulation solutions. Potential fields of application include:

  • External insulation with VIPs for renovations: the VIP is installed into the rafter fields from the outside and supported by a sub-roof made of hydrophobic wood fibreboards.
  • Insulation of the wall crown with VIPs on the gable wall: The VIPs are installed from the outside.
  • Under-rafter insulation with VIPs on the inside for new and old buildings

The respective design variant must be planned and supervised by our project manager in compliance with the applicable DIN standard applicable. It must also be ensured that no moisture penetrates the insulation level, as this can shorten the service life of the VIPs. The additional installation of a waterproof protective foil is therefore absolutely necessary.