va-Q-tec taps new growth potential in Europe with the opening of a subsidiary in France

  • The founding of va-Q-tec’s new subsidiary in France is the strategically significant next step in va-Q-tec’s growth strategy in Europe and ensures even better positioning in France’s TempChain logistics sector.
  • The new location and the TempChain Service Center are situated close to Charles-de-Gaulle Airport in Paris, one of the most important European logistics hubs.
  • France is one of the world’s main pharmaceuticals exporters, with multi-national companies headquartered there – a factor that is also leading to rising demand in France for va-Q-tec’s unique high-performance thermal transport solutions portfolio for temperature-sensitive goods.

Würzburg, 29 June, 2023: va-Q-tec is further expanding its international presence by opening a French subsidiary in Paris. From its Paris base, newly founded va-Q-tec France Sarl will also offer the rental and sale of thermal boxes and containers as well as innovative TempChain services. With annual gross sales of around EUR 60 billion, France ranks as one of the world’s leading pharmaceuticals exporters. Many renowned pharmaceutical companies, logistics companies and airlines have their headquarters in France. As a consequence, va-Q-tec’s presence there is extremely promising and will be continuously expanded in the future by a team of experts.

The aim of va-Q-tec’s new subsidiary in France is to dynamically accelerate the existing positive performance of the local business and thereby secure even better access to local customers. It will also enable the company to offer partners the entire va-Q-tec product range in the future. In particular, the optimal logistical location at Charles-de-Gaulle Airport (CDG) directly next to large pharmaceutical producers enables va-Q-tec to optimally address customers. The company is also greatly expanding its storage and preconditioning capabilities at its TempChain Service Center at CDG in order to maintain stocks of boxes on-site and offer enhanced services, such as full-service box and container preconditioning and rental.
Furthermore, in addition to va-Q-tec’s various advanced passive reusable containers, advanced passive high-tech disposable containers and advanced passive thermal high-tech boxes will then also be available in France. Applications include the secure and temperature-controlled transport of medicines, organs and blood samples on the so-called “last mile”.

The opening ceremonies will take place in Paris on 29 June 2023. This event, to which customers, partners and long-standing associates of the company are invited, will also include a presentation of va-Q-tec’s entire product range. A special focus will be on the new and highly sustainable products va-Q-pal and va-Q-lite.

“With our subsidiary in France, we can offer our local customers and partners even better and faster services,” notes Christopher J. Storch, Global Head of Sales TempChain at va-Q-tec Group and appointed Managing Director of the French subsidiary. “With va-Q-tec France Sarl, we will not only generate local business in the future, but also expand our potential within Europe. For this reason, I am proud to shape these steps with va-Q-tec.”

Willy Damet, Key Account Manager at va-Q-tec, assisted and complemented the founding process of the subsidiary in France: “We are pleased to announce the founding and presence of the va-Q-tec subsidiary in France. We have already been active in France since 2020 with the rental of our container fleet. As a consequence, the opening of the Paris office forms part of our global expansion plan with the aim of making our full range of box and container products and services available in France.”