Application and operation

va-Q-shell is an advanced thermal insulation system from va-Q-tec, for use with hot water tanks. va-Q-shell primarily consists of two PU half shells with integrated VIPs (va-Q-plus). These VIPs are thus optimally protected, and nestle around the subject hot water tank in tailor-made fashion, guaranteeing excellent insulation with minimum thickness, thanks to the slim construction. All components can be easily mounted as a finished package by means of ‘plug and play’, and are immediately ‘ready to use’. va-Q-shell can also be individually adapted for variously shaped hot water tanks. 50-60 % of energy expenditure can be saved through the use of va-Q-shell. Using our VIPs, hot water tanks can achieve the A, or even the A+ label, according to the new EU standard, which has been mandatory since September 2015.


  • Cost savings
  • Energy savings
  • Space saving
  • Improved efficiency rating
  • Easy assembly


va Q shell images