What VIPs provide for industrial and technical applications

The basic advantage of our VIPs in technical and industrial areas is their approximately ten times better insulating efficiency in comparison with conventional insulating materials of the same thickness. The result is extremely thin wall thickness, with similarly extreme insulating performance.

Beyond that we are constantly developing our VIPs further. That is how innovative features such as variable contours (3D) and flexible VIPs were designed. These make completely new design and application opportunities possible.

We are permanently testing and optimising the performance of our VIPs and passing on our findings and innovations on our customers.

At the same time our products significantly support you in realising your objectives.

Frequently, during this process the current design of your application does not need to be changed.

va-Q-tec VIPs furthermore offer safety on all levels: minimal temperature fluctuations, protection of sensitive components, prevention of condensation problems, reduction of emissions, high cost efficiency.