We are looking forward to your thermal challenge

va-Q-tec offers highly qualified thermal consultation and analysis for the use of VIPs based on many years of experience. We support our customers in finding the best possible and most cost efficient solutions – even in unusual areas of application. 

Our experts are happy to provide advice.

More know-how

Our specialists possess a comprehensive range of thermal and technical knowledge. Based on this specialist know-how, we have an in-depth understanding of any thermal requirements, and can accordingly offer optimal service.

Additional consultation

Upon request we qualify or measure your applications. We simulate thermal systems and provide comprehensive thermal analyses and calculations. We also provide you with technical and thermal advice.

Individual system solutions

Our system solutions are tailored to your individual requirements. We use the worldwide largest spectrum of VIP-components and production procedures and guide you through the entire development and production cycle. From the first analyses to prototypes through to economically viable serial applications, we remain by your side.


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