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The va-Q-tainer USx is a high performance passive container, perfect for temperature-controlled transportation worldwide. As the advanced passive alternative, the va-Q-tainer USx simplifies handling and door-to-door shipping. With the "Full Service Trip" rental package, the container is delivered preconditioned, ready to "LOAD & GO".

The va-Q-tainer USx container is designed for transporting one EURO pallet, US pallet or bulk loading. This container is extraordinarily suitable for the deviation-free transport of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and biotechnological goods even on the most demanding trade-lanes. All va-Q-tainer USx containers have a minimum of 120 hours autonomy in summer (constant 30°C) and winter (constant 0°C) ambient for +2°C to +8°C shipments. The available temperature ranges from -70°C to +25°C are unique and provide customers with the solutions they need. All stated performance figures are based on a worst-case configuration with no load in the container.


Product data

Article No.: BC000225

Use Options Full service trip rental, full service monthly rental and standard monthly rental
Full Service Trip Rental Includes preconditioning and va-Q-check® quality check, delivery, temperature data logging and reports,
3 or 7 free logistics days, technology transfer package (TTP)
Full Service Monthly Rental

Includes preconditioning and va-Q-check® quality check, delivery, technology transfer package,
temperature data logging and reports

Standard Monthly Rental Includes va-Q-check® quality check, technology transfer package, temperature data logging and report
Exterior dimensions (max.) 1.43 m x 1.49 m x 1.58 m (h) / 56.0” x 58.7” x 62.2”
External volume 3.35 m³ / 118.2 cubic ft.
Interior dimensions (max.) 1.20 m x 1.25 m x 1.17 m (h)
Internal volume 1.76 m³ / 62.15 cubic ft.
Volumetric weight 562 kg
Tare weight 578 kg (for plus temperature ranges)
Payload 1200 kg
Features 52 pcs va-Q-accu, floor grid, temperature data logger
Performance at +2 °C to +8 °C > 120 hours

For container dimensions and tare weights at minus temperature ranges please contact va-Q-tec at


Technology Transfer Package (TTP)

Adopting a new shipping solution can be a challenging and expensive process. Any inefficiency during the transfer may result in a serious loss of time and resources.
Our technology transfer package will help the efficiency of your qualification and reduce your risk. The TTP is available upon request.


Available temperature ranges:


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Kelvinhours EN final3

Do you know your packaging solution’s actual performance?


Bring light into the dark - with Kelvinhours. They combine necessary transportation time with required temperature rates – and simplify a direct comparison between different transport packaging options. Especially when transporting temperature-sensitive products making a good choice becomes a piece of cake.  

va-Q-tec’s Kelvinhours-calculator provides:
  • More certainty choosing the right packaging
  • Reduced risk on transport routes
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