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va-Q-tainer Eurox is an advanced passive container, perfect for the global transportation of clinical and pharmaceutical goods. Fitting one Euro pallet or bulk loading, the container saves costs and simplifies handling and door-to-door shipping in challenging environments. With pay-per-use-rental, scalable fulfilment services and a growing global network, the va-Q-tainer Eurox container simplifies the work of pharmaceutical cold chain managers worldwide.

va-Q-tec's award winning container insulation enables deviation-free shipping of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and biotechnological goods, according to requirements everywhere. All va-Q-tainer Eurox containers are self-sufficient for more than 5 days in summer (constant 30 °C) and winter (constant 0 °C) temperatures for 2°C to 8°C shipments. Further internal temperature ranges are 15°C to 25°C, -15°C to -25°C and -40°C. Extreme temperature tests are available upon request.


Product data

Article No.: BC000224

Use options Full service trip rental, Full service monthly rental, Standard monthly rental
Full Service Trip Rental

Includes preconditioning and va-Q-check® quality check, delivery, temperature data logging and reports, 3 to 7 free of charge logistic days, technology transfer package

Full Service Monthly Rental

Includes preconditioning and va-Q-check® quality check, delivery, technology transfer package, temperature data logging and reports

Standard Monthly Rental

Includes va-Q-check® quality check, technology transfer package, temperature data logging and reports

Exterior dimensions (max.) 1.42 m x 1.09 m x 1.58 m (h)
External volume 2.46 m³
Interior dimensions (max.) 1.2 m x 0.85 m x 1.17 m (h)
Internal volume 1240 litres
Volumetric weight 415 kg
Tare weight 440 kg (for plus temperature ranges)
Payload 1200 kg
Features 42 pcs va-Q-accu, temperature data logger
Performance at +2°C to +8°C > 120 hours
For container dimensions and tare weights at minus temperature ranges please contact va-Q-tec at


Technology Transfer Package (TTP)

Adopting a new shipping solution can be a challenging and expensive process. Any inefficiency during the transfer may result in a serious loss of time and resources.
Our technology transfer package will help the efficiency of your qualification and reduce your risk. The TTP is available upon request.


Available temperature ranges:

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Kelvinhours EN final3

Do you know your packaging solution’s actual performance?


Bring light into the dark - with Kelvinhours. They combine necessary transportation time with required temperature rates – and simplify a direct comparison between different transport packaging options. Especially when transporting temperature-sensitive products making a good choice becomes a piece of cake.  

va-Q-tec’s Kelvinhours-calculator provides:
  • More certainty choosing the right packaging
  • Reduced risk on transport routes
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