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Do you need the right thermal packaging solution for transporting your temperature-sensitive products? We have been supplying our thermal packaging to pharmaceutical, biotech and logistic companies worldwide for over 10 years. Our top priority is to effectively protect our customers' products while minimising costs in the supply chain. As a pioneer in the field, va-Q-tec has already won many awards for space-saving, energy-saving and top-performing technologies. As a pioneer we create new approaches and solutions: Visit


va-Q-tec's advantages:

  • High level of reliability
  • No temperature deviations during transports
  • Space-, weight- and energy-saving solutions
  • Unique service for consulting and validation
  • Easy, self-explanatory handling, minimised process costs and reduction of the human risk factor
  • va-Q-tec containers as a passive alternative
  • In-house production and development of the most important components: PCM/VIP



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Anwendungungen und Produkte
Cold Chain Packaging

Learn more about using our products for clinical studies, commercial distribution and last mile & lab distribution.


Get to know the design of our products and the advantages of the individual components.

Technical customer service

Benefit from our individual thermal consultation and analysis.


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Do you know your packaging solution’s actual performance?


Bring light into the dark - with Kelvinhours. They combine necessary transportation time with required temperature rates – and simplify a direct comparison between different transport packaging options. Especially when transporting temperature-sensitive products making a good choice becomes a piece of cake.  

va-Q-tec’s Kelvinhours-calculator provides:
  • More certainty choosing the right packaging
  • Reduced risk on transport routes
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