Incentives and Support Programmes

gruene haus The major factor in reducing the energy consumption of a building is insulation as improved thermal insulation can reduce energy costs up to 40%. va-Q-tec's vacuum isolation panels support isolation in application areas where space is limited but effective insulation is required. Incentives and funding programmes support businesses and households which want to implement effective VIP-insulation to decrease energy consumption.

mama kind Nationwide a variety of different support programs exist. For example, the "Energy-Efficient Renovation" Programme of the KfW bank promotes subsequent insulation measures in buildings with a building permit or "Bauanzeige" before January 1st 1995. This enables a more cost-effective restoration of your home. Energy-saving advice on site provides the ability to uncover additional funding opportunities and is funded by the federal government with 50 percent of the costs up to 360 €. We are happy to recommend an energy consultant in your area.

Detailed information on various funding programs are available on the following websites: