Interior Wall Insulation

In the case of interior insulation, particular attention should be paid to the vapour barrier on the inner side. This can be done either by applying a vapour barrier film over the whole surface, or by sealing the joints between the VIPs.

Interior wall insulation with va-Q-vip B:

  • Bearing framework, e.g. XPS or EPS, between the individual VIPs to hold the covering plasterboard panelling; other approved wall constructions are also possible
  • va-Q-vip B as back-ventilated interior wall system (if exterior wall insulation is not possible, e.g. Sufarit system); consultation is upon request

balkon aufbau innen en

VIPs under wall heating in an old historical church in Wernfeld / Germany


VIP with gypsum cardboard / Object in Markbreit