What VIPs do for refrigerators and freezers

Advantages in refrigerators and freezers

• More useable volume
• Low temperature losses
• Best possible temperature distribution
• Improved energy balance
• Reduced energy consumption
• Long service life of va-Q-tec VIPs

Refrigerators and freezers benefit from our innovative, energy efficient and thermally insulated vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) (va-Q-plus, va-Q-pro or va-Q-pur). Their narrow design and effective insulation features make our VIPs ideal for use in refrigerators. VIPs from va-Q-tec feature a high level of quality, excellent insulation results and a service life of up to 50 years.

Our wide range of products offers many different shapes and sizes as well as various core materials and high barrier films, enabling us to find an individually tailored solution for any application. The installation of space saving and highly efficient vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) allows appliance manufacturers to achieve higher energy efficiency classes while lowering energy requirements for end consumers by up to 50 %. In addition, VIPs offer consumers more useful volume than in conventional appliances insulated with polyurethane foam.

In contrast to conventional vacuum panels, our va-Q-plus or va-Q-pro panels for refrigerators and freezers feature a specially developed, innovative silica powder filling (silicic acid) which is uniquely effective.