va-Q-tec is a dynamic high-tech company and has been pioneering the development of innovative solutions in the insulation industry since 2001 on the basis of energy efficient, space saving and environmentally friendly vacuum insulation panels (VIPs).

The efficient technology of va-Q-tec products saves expensive energy in areas of everyday use: transport of pharmaceutical products, in refrigeration and freezer appliances, in buildings, in technology & industry as well as in automobiles and aircraft.


Friday, 19. January 2018

va-Q-tec Expands in U.S.

Opens New North American Headquarters and Operating Facility in Langhorne, PA

va-Q-tec, a leading provider of thermal packaging solutions for temperature controlled transportation, further expands its international presence with a new North American Headquarters and operations facility in Langhorne, PA. va-Q-tec invested several million USD in the 20,000 square foot facility and the U.S. market expansion. The new site will become the U.S. welcome and innovation center and showcase va-Q-tec’s latest products. In addition, va-Q-tec will also manufacture its small box containers in Langhorne and will use the location as a key hub for its rental and repair station. The facility has the capacity to produce 2,000 boxes and 50-100 containers per week. 

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