va-Q-lite: Natural materials combined with high performance, technology and service

  • The va-Q-lite is made of natural and bio-based components.
  • The local sourcing of components is dependent on available natural resources, leading to a low Product Carbon Footprint.
  • The use of gelled Phase Change Material enables specific and consistent temperature ranges and thus, a high product safety.
  • The solution has a qualified performance according ISTA 7E summer and winter profile of true 48 hours and more.

Würzburg, November 2, 2022: A sustainable packaging solution uses raw materials, that do not harm the environment and also result in reduced Carbon dioxide emissions. At the same time, thermal transport solutions need to be reliable – especially when it comes to temperature sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals. The new va-Q-lite is an all-encompassing sustainable transport solution manufactured by va-Q-tec, which provides the required safety of the product inside. With this solution, va-Q-tec continues its way as a climate neutral company. The company offers its customers and partners a transport solution for intra-continental and domestic transports that can maintain the temperature inside stable for true 48 hours and more, while meeting the demands for an environment-friendly industry: Reducing waste and emission, reusing materials, and recycling products at the end of their life cycles.

The concept of the va-Q-lite is based on an a fully sustainable approach. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced at every step of the product life cycle. Firstly, in addition to local production, raw materials are locally sourced per region to ensure short distances for manufacturing. Therefore, the insulation material is chosen depending on the country of manufacture and which materials are naturally available in the respective country of production. For example, in Europe, wood fiber is used as insulation, while recycled pulp is used in the USA. Additionally, the cardboard and insulation materials are 100 % curbside recyclable or even bio-degradable, and the gelled Phase Change Materials of the temperature elements are bio-based and reusable. Lastly, the packaging material and shipment capacities are downscaled: The product has a light weight and during transport, the unfolded boxes can be packed flat; fewer trucks are needed to bring the box to the customer, which in turn produces less CO2.

Like all products within the va-Q-tec portfolio, the va-Q-lite is designed to meet the highest quality standards of business partners. Through the use of gelled Phase Change Material (PCM), specific and consistent temperature ranges can be maintained and can thus ensure high product safety. Even under extreme outdoor conditions, the temperature inside the box is kept at a stable temperature. Additionally, no liquid can leak into the load even if the outer shell is damaged. The solution is qualified according to the ISTA 7E summer and winter profiles, with a performance of 48 hours and more. The va-Q-lite is available in the temperature range of 2 to 8°C, with other temperature bandwidths to follow. It is available in three sizes with 4, 8 and 23 litres. The packaging solution is developed to meet different requirements of the customers. Therefore the system is flexible and can be used with standard and bio-based PCMs.

Since va-Q-tec uses Phase Change Material (PCM), the handling is identical during all seasons no matter what the outer temperature is, which minimizes the risk of human error and product loss. A reuse is possible.

“With the va-Q-lite, we are pursuing our goal of making temperature-controlled logistics more sustainable at an attractive price-performance ratio. We meet the demands for an eco-friendly packaging industry without making sacrifices in terms of reliability. Our partners receive the very high quality of a va-Q-tec solution – but with the lowest CO2 emissions of all our products,” says Dr. Joachim Kuhn, CEO and founder of va-Q-tec AG.