Vision & Philosophy

Vision & Philosophy

va-Q-tec takes responsibility for future generations!

Whether it is for greater safety, better energy efficiency or for more space, we keep temperatures constant to create a better quality of life for today and tomorrow.

The corporate policy of va-Q-tec pursues an integrated approach to quality, environmental and energy policies. An appropriate balance of customer requirements and business necessities is always the goal of our actions.


  • We produce all core components of our products ourselves. Only we can ensure the highest possible quality standards for thermal insulated applications by using our patented quality check system.


  • At va-Q-tec we are committed to develop products that are sustainable and discover greener alternatives. Our technological expertise and thermal know-how is embedded in the unlimited support we provide to all our clients.


  • At va-Q-tec we are always moving forward. We strive to provide cutting edge, even disruptive technology. With more than 170 intellectual property rights our solutions are geared for the future.

The va-Q-tec attitude:

We act independently and proactively.

We try new things and go new ways. At the same time, we constantly question and reflect. For this we already have been awarded with the “Querdenker”” award.

Through our systematic and thorough way of working, we have acquired unique know-how. It also makes us global technology leaders.

With friendliness and enthusiasm we work together on our goals, while integrating our customers and suppliers.

Even in difficult conditions, we achieve the best results because we act in a pragmatic and solution-oriented manner.