Awards & Recognitions

va-Q-tec has won numerous national and international awards for its advanced technology for saving and storing energy efficiently:

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2018: “FOCUS Growth-Champion“

2018 focus wachstums sealThe news magazine FOCUS has named the fastest growing companies in Germany - and va-Q-tec is one of them. The study conducted by data company Statista calculated that the company recorded a particularly high sales increase from 16 to 35,5 million euros in the period from 2013 to 2016.

2017: ”CFO Awards”

2017 CFOA17 WinnersLogoChristopher Hoffmann is one of the winners of the CFO Awards 2017 organized by the "Finance Monthly" magazine. The magazine based their decision on an international voting and multiple achievements within the last twelve months. Christopher Hoffmann was CFO of va-Q-tec from July 2013 to June 2017. In 2016 he coordinated the successful initial public offering together with CEO Dr. Joachim Kuhn.


2017: “Bavaria's Best 50“

2017 ayerns best 50 teaserThe Bavarian state ministry for economics and media, energy and technology recognised va-Q-tec among 50 of the strongest growing medium-sized enterprises. Every year, the award honors companies that were able to increase their workforce and turnover at an above-average level within the last five years.

2017: “CEO Awards”

2017 CEO Awards

va-Q-tec’s CEO Dr. Joachim Kuhn is one of the winners of the CEO Awards 2017 organized by the “Finance Monthly” magazine. Through an international voting the magazine took a number of va-Q-tec’s achievements over the last twelve months into account, in particular Dr. Kuhn’s contribution and role within va-Q-tec’s IPO September 2016.


2017: Jury stage “Grand Prize for medium-sized companies”

2017 Urkunde Jurystufe Großer Preis des Mittelstands

va-Q-tec has been nominated for the ‘Grand Prize for Medium-sized Companies’. The company has reached the jury stage as first step to success. No other business competition in Germany generates as large a response as the prize awarded by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation in Leipzig, dating back over two decades (since 1994).



2017: „KMW Award“

2017 KMW Award

KMW (Kühlmöbelwerk Limburg GmbH), a manufacturer of energy efficient refrigeration units with production in Germany, presented the KMW Award for innovation, among other recipients, to va-Q-tec during the international trade fair EuroShop in Düsseldorf. va-Q-tec received the award in acknowledgement of its innovations in the field of hightech insulation with vacuum insulation panels.



2017: Accolades from “German Design Award“

2016 German Design Award

The newly developed product va-Q-safe® received the distinction “Special Mention” from the German Design Award. Architects and planers who use this modern insulation solution achieve better thermal insulation, gain usable area and are environmentally friendly.

2017: National Champion at the “European Business Awards”

2017 national champion EBA

va-Q-tec has been named a “National Champion” for Germany in The European Business Awards, Europe’s largest business competition set up to celebrate business excellence and best practice in the European business community. The Awards, now in their 10th year, are supported by business leaders, academics and political representatives from across Europe and engaged over 33,000 businesses from 34 countries this year.

2016: Finalist at the “European Business Awards"

2016 European Business Awards

va-Q-tec was selected as a German finalist for the European Business Awards in the category ‘Innovation’ and received the honorary status as holder of the Ruban d’Honneur at the award ceremony in Milan. The top 10 were chosen among all the European champions in this category to represent their country in the final. va-Q-tec qualified for the final amongst several thousand entrants and just nearly missed achieving an overall victory as European champion.

2016: Winner in two categories „Temperature Controlled Logistics Awards"

2016 IQPC Awards

For their innovative collaboration Air France, KLM, Martinair Cargo and va-Q-tec were selected for the Supply Chain Innovation Award. va-Q-tec Ltd. Business Development Director Katharina Wuensche received the Cold Chain IQ Newcomer Award.

2015: Winner “Querdenker-Award“

2015 Querdenker award small

va-Q-tec won the “Querdenker Award“ in the category “Innovation” for its distinct insulation products and solutions. va-Q-tec received one of the 12 sought-after awards among other prominent companies and figures like Thomas Gottschalk.

2015: Overall Win “STEP-Award”

2015 Trophäe Step Award small

va-Q-tec was able to prevail against 100 other competitors on the national level in the five categories “Finances”, “Sustainability”, “Market/Costumer”, “Product/Technology” and “Processes” and reach the final of the 10th-anniversary-competition of the most important German technology prize.

2015: "Grand Prix for Medium Sized Enterprises"

Finalist Großer Preis des Mittelstandes Urkunde und Trophäe

va-Q-tec AG was awarded a place as a finalist in the Oskar Patzelt Foundation's 'Grand Prix for Medium Sized Enterprises' competition. As one of 23 enterprises, va-Q-tec received a 'finalist' award from the Oskar Patzelt Foundation's Directors Dr Helfried Schmidt and Petra Tröger. Thirteen other businesses accepted the coveted 'award winner's statue'. Nationwide, in the sixteen federal states, a total of 5009 small and medium-sized businesses, as well as banks and municipalities, were nominated for the jubilee competition.

2015: "KGCCI Innovation Awards"

Gewinner KGCII Innovation Award2

BMW Korea, BASF Korea and va-Q-tec Korea won awards from the Korean-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KGCCI) for innovation in business, workforce development and green technologies. KGCCI decided to give the innovation in green technology award to va-Q-tec Korea for its vacuum insulation panel, which set new standards for reducing energy consumption.

2015: "Innovation Prize for Architecture and Construction"

Auszeichnung Innovationspreis Architektur Bauwesen

In the category “Product of Superior Architectural Quality”, a subsection of the 12th Innovation Prize for Architecture and Construction (“Innovationspreis Architektur + Bauwesen), va-Q-tec AG received an award for the new insulating wall panel va-Q-safe® at the industry fair "BAU 2015" in Munich.

2014: Finalist of the "Lateral Thinkers" Awards"

Querdenker Urkunde

va-Q-tec ranked among the five finalists for the “Lateral Thinkers” (“Querdenker”) Awards 2014 in the category “Enterprise”. We competed for the award by submitting our company history. Each year the “Lateral Thinkers” Award honours pioneers, innovators and entrepreneurs who step off the trodden path with courage, passion and original ideas to successfully lead the way in new directions.

2014: Top10 “GreenTec Awards”

2014 Top10 GreenTec Awards

va-Q-tec made it into the TOP 10 of the GreenTec Awards 2015, Europe’s premier environmental and business award. We submitted our bid as a collaborator in the European joint venture project “VIP4ALL” in the category “Construction and Living”. The GreenTec Awards recognise ground-breaking and innovative products and projects each year which lead the way into a more environmentally responsible future.

2014: „Global Cleantech 100"

2014 Global Cleantech

va-Q-tec was once again recognised as one of the 100 most innovative enterprises in the areas of energy efficiency, biofuels and biochemicals, smart grid, renewable energies, water and waste, as well as transport.

2013: „Global Cleantech 100“

2013 Global Cleantech

va-Q-tec was added to the Global Cleantech 100 list. What’s more, va-Q-tec not only made it into the top 100 Global Cleantech Enterprises, our technology catapulted us into the Top 10 List for Europe. This list represents the most promising and innovative enterprises in the areas of energy efficiency, biofuels and biochemicals, smart grid, renewable energies, water and waste, as well as transport.

2012: WEF “Technology Pioneer"

2013 Technolgy Pioneer

va-Q-tec received an award for the development of highly efficient thermal insulation material. Each year the World Economic Forum recognises enterprises at the forefront of the development and application of innovative technologies, which have the potential for significant positive changes in the areas of IT, new media, energy, environment, life sciences or health.

2012: “365 Locations in the Land of Ideas“

2002 365 Orte im Land der Ideen Logo

va-Q-tec’s innovative vacuum insulation panel “va-Q-plus” was the most convincing bid in the category “Economy” for the “365 Locations in the Land of Ideas” (365 Orte im Land der Ideen) Award.

2012: “Step Award“

2012 Step Award Logo

va-Q-tec convinced the jury of the “STEP Award” in two out of five categories on the basis of well-founded enterprise financing and sustainable innovation. The initiators of the STEP Award, Dr. Roland Mohr (Managing Director at Infraserv Höchst) and Markus Garn (Member of the Board of Directors at F.A.Z. Institute) presented va-Q-tec with awards in the categories “Finances” and “Sustainability”.

2012: Bloomberg “New Energy Pioneer“

2012 New Energy Pioneer

Bloomberg, one of the worldwide leading commercial agencies for business information, selected va-Q-tec as one of their “New Business Pioneers 2012” for the outstanding material and energy efficient new product “va-Q-plus”. va-Q-tec is the first German company to receive the international "Cleantech Award" in New York.

2012: "Lothar-Späth Prize"

2012 Lothar Späth Preis web

Dr. Joachim Kuhn (Chief Executive) and Dr. Roland Caps (Director of va-Q-tec AG) were awarded the “Lothar-Späth Prize” of the Federal Association for Economic Development and Foreign Trade (BWA).

2011: ”Recognition at the “Lothar-Späth Prize”

2011 Auszeichnung Lothar Späth Preis

va-Q-tec AG received an award for investment in research and development of new energy efficient technologies and materials and for the expansion of the Kölleda facility from the Regional Association Bavaria/Thuringia for Economic Development and Foreign Trade.

2011: Award Winner “Bavaria Best 50"

2011 Bayern Best 50 Zertifikat

va-Q-tec was recognised by the Bavarian State Ministry for Economy and Media, Energy and Technology as one of the fastest growing mid-sized companies in Bavaria.

2011: "Award for Mid-Sized Enterprises"

2011 Großer Preis des Mittelstands

va-Q-tec successfully reached the second round of the “Award for Mid-Sized Enterprises” (Großer Preis des Mittelstandes). Alongside seventeen other mid-sized companies from Lower Franconia, va-Q-tec received this distinction from representatives of the Oskar-Patzelt Foundation.

2011: “Innovation Award Thuringia”

2010 Wissen.schafft.arbeit Sonderpreis neu

va-Q-tec took second place at the “Innovation Award Thuringia” (Thüringer Innovationspreis) in the category “Industry and Material” with the va-Q-plus product line. A total of 100 submissions were received for the 14th Innovation Award Thuringia, which was judged by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, the Foundation for Technology, Innovation and Research Thuringia (STIFT), TÜV Thüringen e.V., and the Ernst-Abbe Foundation.

2010: “Wissen.schafft.arbeit” Special Award”

2010 Wissen.schafft.arbeit Sonderpreis neu

The "wissen.schafft.arbeit 2010” Award was organised by the TU Chemnitz and the Deutsche Postbank AG  and recognised the joint venture technology project of va-Q-tec AG and the Faculty for Physics and Astronomy of the University of Würzburg with their special award for growth.

2010: “MATERIALICA Design+Technology Award”

2010 MATERIALICA Design Technology Award

va-Q-tec convinced the jury with its innovative "va-Q-plus" vacuum insulation panel thus ensuring a place among the winners of the “Best of Product” category.

2009: “German Efficiency Prize” for va-Q-tec Project in Munich

2009 Deutscher Effizienzpreis

The vacuum-insulated building in Munich won Germany's most prestigious award in the category “New Construction – Multi-Family Dwellings” (Neubau - Mehrfamilienhäuser).

2008: “Export Initiative Energy Efficiency"

2008 Exportinitiative Energieeffizienz

va-Q-tec received a certificate for energy efficient products that contribute to a safe and eco-friendly energy supply.

2006: ”Bavarian Energy Prize” for va-Q-tec Project in Munich

2006 Bayerischer Energiepreis

The Bavarian Energy Prize 2006 (Bayerischer Energiepreis) was awarded to va-Q-tec for an ultra-low energy residential and office building in Munich, which was insulated entirely using VIP panels.

2005: “Bavarian Construction Physics Award” for va-Q-tec Project in Munich

2005 Deutscher Bauphysikpreis

va-Q-tec received the Construction Physics Award 2005 (Bauphysikpreis) for the energy efficient heat insulation of an office and residential building in Munich.

2005: “Golden Nose” for va-Q-tec Business Angel Norbert Baier

2002 Bayerischer Energiepreis

Norbert Baier, who invested his know-how and capital in va-Q-tec, received the “Golden Nose” (Goldene Nase) Award following a submission by va-Q-tec AG for, among other things, his special skills in crisis situations.

2004: “Golden Nose” for va-Q-tec Business Angel Horst Linn

2004 Goldene Nase für Business Angel Horst Linn

Horst Linn (Eschenfelde) was the winner of the “Golden Nose” (Goldene Nase) Award 2004 and therefore “Business Angel of the Year”. He received the prize from BAND (Business Angels Netzwerk e.V.), which awards it once a year.

2002: “Bavarian Energy Award”

2002 Bayerischer Energiepreis

va-Q-tec received the Bavarian Energy Award (Bayerischer Energiepreis) for the construction of a production line for vacuum insulation panels (VIP) with new low joint and low heat bridge mantling technology.

2002: “ISO Award“

ISO award 2002 2

va-Q-tec received the ISO Award at ISO 2002, the worldwide largest industry fair for the insulation sector.

2000: “University Founder’s Prize”

2000 Hochschulgründerpreis web

va-Q-tec was the recipient of the first “University Founder's Prize” (Hochschulgründerpreis). This special prize in Phase 2 of the Business Plan Competition Northern Bavaria (Businessplan-Wettbewerb Nordbayern) is aimed specifically at founder teams from universities, technical colleges and research facilities in Northern Bavaria.