Software de serviço TempChain

The big step to data visibility & connectivity

With our innovative online order portal, we offer a unique service for the rental of our “ready to load & go” boxes and containers or purchase our preconditioned boxes. The portal is intuitive to use and offers the fast handling of all order processes. Additionally, our TempChain Services can be monitored and controlled in detail centrally and location-independently by the software.

The TempChain Service Software offers many advantages:

  • The central control of the complete supply chain process makes the entire TempChain more secure and transparent. Errors in the process can be avoided and deviations are minimized.
  • You save time and thus costs due to the completely centralized order processing with the help of the software.
  • Countless interfaces between the software and operational processes as well as the va-Q-check measuring system and quality tests ensure the 100% quality of our products and services.
  • All data of the orders are stored with layers of security and forgery-proof by BlockChain technology.