Thermal Consulting

We are proud of our 20-years of experience and prize-winning technology.

– Dr. Roland Caps, Co-Founder

Technical service

As a service-orientated business, it is our aim to provide complete support to our customers’ projects.

Our service includes:

  •  Individual system solutions: Due to our broad spectrum of components and production processes, our system solutions are individually matched to your requirements.
  •  Continuous support: from the initial analysis, through prototypes to economically viable series production applications, we accompany you during the entire development and production cycle.
  • More know-how: based on the technical know-how of our specialists, we have a profound understanding of all thermal requirements and can offer an optimal service accordingly.
  • Comprehensive advice: we simulate thermal systems and provide comprehensive thermal analyses and calculations to qualify or survey your applications.
  • More flexibility: it is not only our products that are very flexible, our engineering is as well.
  •  Innovations: we analyse market and sector trends on a large scale, as well as specific customer requirements. If the perfect solution does not exist, we attempt to develop it.

The requirements on high-tech thermal insulation systems are numerous. Our expert team from the Thermal Engineering Center will help you to find the most cost-effective solution for your requirements. Here you profit from our many years of experience in the implementation of highperformance insulation. Along with first-class service and sound technical advice, we only produce products of the highest quality.