Container mieten

Container mieten

Sie möchten als Bestands- oder Neukunde einen Container von va-Q-tec mieten? Füllen Sie einfach das nachfolgende Formular aus. Wir melden uns umgehend bei Ihnen. Bei Fragen können Sie sich gerne an uns wenden:

²PDF Temperature Data Loggers Data Loggers can be provided in addition to the integrated data logger in the va-Q-tainer containers, or as the only data logger in the va-Q-case, or containers. Each can be rented for €30 per logger, per trip.

³Cargo Straps secure a full load inside the container. Each can be purchased for €60.

Container Delivery Point / Shipper Origin

± va-Q-tec containers are leased EXW (Incoterms 2010) from the Release Network Station. Delivery is included with the va-Q-tainer Full Service Trip Rental to delivery point within a 9 hour truck driver radius of the release Network Station.

Container Destination / Return / Collection Point

‡ Collection is not standard and must be agreed in advance with your va-Q-tec contact for each order. Please send a request to with the collection time, date and IATA code/s of the container/s after your order is placed. We will book the collection through a partner logistics service provider. The Rental Term will end on the date that the container is made available for us to collect. §Please specify the Release and Return Airport Hubs.

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