Function (Quality Control va-q-check)


What is va-Q-check?

An external sensor measures the heat transfer between the two sides of the panel and within second the va-Q-check gives a precise indication of the internal gas pressure of the VIPs. The transparent inspection system checks every single box, panel or container before leaving production. Along with the high quality materials, the va-Q-check can thereby guarantee the quality of the products for up to 50 years.      

Lifetime performance of the VIP

va-Q-tec’s product are produced to keep performance for many years without loosing performance. That is why va-Q-check can also be used by costumers to ensure that VIPs have not been damaged. Difficult production or transportation situations can pose a risk but with va-Q-check the lifetime of the VIP can be secured. It is an innovative, easy and safe technology that reduces defects that cannot be otherwise detected and ensure the insulation performance of the VIP for its entire lifetime.