More than 120 hours qualified performance. The va-Q-tainer is a robust temperature-controlled container designed for the easy and safe transportation of pharmaceuticals. Good distribution practice on your trade lane is only as good as its people and equipment. The va-Q-tainer maximises ease of handling and mitigates risk wherever possible. Some features include:

  • Pallet feet allow easy forklift handling
  • Incorporated data logger with internal and external temperature display
  • Two document wallets
  • Sealable for tractability management
  • IATA-marked for clear identification
  • Homogenous fleet
  • Protection plates to prevent dents while in transit
  • Due to vacuum insulation panels and omission of dry-ice bunkers, payload space is maximised


For specifications please see:

va-Q-tainer Eurox

va-Q-tainer USx

va-Q-tainer XLx

va-Q-tainer TWINx