va-Q-case Half Euro

More than 120 hours qualified performance. The va-Q-case is a robust temperature-controlled container designed for the easy and safe transportation of pharmaceuticals. The size of the va-Q-case enables the use on narrow body aircrafts. The good distribution practice on your trade lane is only as good as its people and equipment. The va-Q-case maximises ease of handling and mitigates risk wherever possible. Some features include:

  • Pallet feet allow easy forklift handling
  • One document wallet
  • Sealable for tractability management
  • IATA-marked for clear identification
  • Homogenous fleet
  • Due to vacuum insulation panels and omission of dry-ice bunkers, payload space is maximised

Product data

Use options Full service trip rental, Full service monthly rental and standard monthly rental
Full Service Trip Rental Includes preconditioning and va-Q-check quality check, 3 to 7 free of charge logistic days, technology transfer package
Full Service Monthly Rental Includes preconditioning and va-Q-check quality check, technology transfer package
Standard Monthly Rental Technology transfer package
Exterior dimensions (max.) 800 mm x 600 mm x 800 mm (h)
External volume 384,000 cm3
Interior dimensions (max.) 605 mm x 340 mm x 470 mm (h)
Internal volume 96.679 cm3
Volumetric weight 59 kg
Tare weight 113 kg (with standard features for 2 °C to 8 °C)
Features 18 pcs va-Q-accus PCM flasks (multi-use)
Performance at +2 °C to +8 °C > 230 hours

Technology Transfer Package (TTP)

Adopting a new shipping solution can be a challenging and expensive process; any inefficiency in the transfer may result in serious losses of time and resources. Our Technology transfer package will help the efficiency of your qualification and reduce your risk while doing so. The TTP is available on request.

Available temperature ranges