LOAD&GO Monthly Rental



  • Delivery to any location within a 9 hours truck drive radius of a va-Q-tec Network Station for all va-Q-tainer containers.
  • Containers fully temperature preconditioned on arrival at shipment origin, ready to LOAD&GO.
  • Rental term starts on the day of use; you pay for the time you are using the container, not before.
  • Fair pay policy with no hidden charges.
  • 30 minimum chargeable days.
  • Container return to origin va-Q-tec Network Station.
  • Wear and tear and cleaning always included in the price
  • Shipment temperature data report provided free of charge for external and internal container temperature readings.
  • Container collection at end of rental within 2 hours truck radius from origin Network Station for a flat rate.
  • Quality inspection including va-Q-check of all containers on every single release of the container