Operations Support Services

Efficient processes are key for the successful operation of a compliant packaging solution and the global distribution of high-value, life-saving goods. Our "Operational Support Services" provide the foundation for an exceptional supply chain that advances smoothly from production all the way to the patient.

A key component of our "Operations Support Services" is the "Technology Transfer Package" (TTP) which facilitates your qualification. va-Q-tec Ltd.'s TTP is a collection of documents compiled to provide our customers with a smooth transition to our technology.

Our "Technology Transfer Package" is an efficient tool in the process of change, providing you with the operational insight and trust to put a solution in place and maintain it without difficulties.

Technology Transfer Package for Operational Support Services

  • Facilitating test shipments
  • Payload and service consultancy
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
  • Regulation and legal information
  • Good Distribution Practise (GDP) training.
  • Logistics forecasting and planning
  • Handling training and site audits



Customs support
Air pallet loading
Air transport
Handling at loading agent site
Data collection operation

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