Vacuum Insulation Panels are designed and manufactured in-house to ensure the highest quality thermal protection for your products in extreme ambient conditions. A Vacuum Insulation Panel is a thermal insulation panel which insulates up to ten times better than conventional thermal insulation materials. One centimetre of vacuum insulation provides the same thermal insulation as ten centimetres of styrofoam.

va-Q-vip is an evacuated micro porous thermal insulating panel with excellent insulating properties. The core material of va-Q-vip is fumed Silica board and non-combustible. It is sealed into a high gas barrier film under vacuum. Creating a vacuum practically eliminates convection and as pressure inside the panels reduces so does the conductivity.


One risk of using VIPs is the loss of vacuum over time and damage to the vacuum that cannot be seen by eye. With the use of VIPs the provision of a quality performance check system is vital. va-Q-tec's unique and reliable quality check system for vacuum insulation panels (VIPs), called va-Q-check, enables the exact insulation quality control within seconds before every packaging release. va-Q-check ensures qualified performance and the reliable reuse of temperature-controlled packaging.

va-Q-check Quality Control Device

va Q check 40 im Einsatz2


Temperature Shock Resistance

The va-Q-tainer container features temperature shock resistance. This means the container responds in a unique way to hot and cold shocks which are caused by rapid changes of the outside temperature. These rapid outside temperature changes impact the internal container temperature. Due to excellent vacuum insulation implemented in the container walls the impact on the inside temperature is delayed by 6 to 8 hours. Compared to the outside temperature shocks, the temperature change impact inside the container will be reduced by ten times.

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