The va-Q-case Half Euro is the ideal passive high performance container for international transport of pharmaceutical products. The reliable stability of the internal temperature of this container saves costs and simplifies the handling and transport in demanding environments. Thanks to pay-per-use rental and customizable service delivery, the va-Q-case Half Euro simplifies the daily work of clinical trial managers worldwide.

The va-Q-case Half Euro has base size of half a Euro pallet and is fork-stackable. The award-winning vacuum insulation panels from va-Q-tec enable a smooth transport of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and biotechnological goods everywhere. All va-Q-case Half Euro containers allow cargo in the temperature range from 2 to 8 °C and a constant temperature for more than 7 days, both in summer (constant 30 °C), in winter (constant 0 °C) and ambient temperatures. Other internal temperature ranges from 15 - 25 °C, -15 - -25 °C and -40 °C. Tests of extreme conditions are possible on request.

Advantages of va-Q-case

  • Certified performance:> 230h
  • Unique temperature ranges
  • Optimum availability with 27 TempChain Service Centers worldwide
  • Other services: temperature data analysis and proactive transport planning

Properties of va-Q-case


va-Q-case 1/2 Euro

Payload: 96 l

Outer Dimenions: 31.5 x 23.6 x 31.5 inch

Inner Dimensions: 26.6 x 19.1 x 22.4 inch

va-Q-case 1/2 Euro, +05G

va-Q-case 1/2 Euro, +18G

va-q-tec Summer

Performance Time: ≥161 hrs

Qualified Kelvinhours: ≥1636 Khrs

va-q-tec Winter

Performance Time: ≥225 hrs

Qualified Kelvinhours: -4703 Khrs

va-Q-case 1/2 Euro, -21G

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