What VIPs provide for the mobility sector

There are various application opportunities for our vacuum insulated panels. Due to their slim construction and the flexible, three-dimensional design of our new generation of VIPs, va-Q-pro, many new applications are now possible that cannot be covered by conventional VIPs.

VIPs make optimum space utilisation possible, because VIP-insulated walls of 5 mm thickness correspond to up to 50 mm of conventional insulating material. At the same time, VIPs offer an immensely increased insulating performance. Thanks to space saving and highly efficient insulating products from va-Q-tec, considerably smaller designs are consequently made possible, e.g. for air conditioners in cars or refrigerator units in trucks.

Due to their minimal space requirements, low weight and maximum insulating efficiency, va-Q-tec panels can, for example, provide possible options in the car industry for reducing fuel consumption.

va-Q-tec's development team will also be happy to implement your ideas on innovative VIP insulation. Our experts are happy to provide advice.