Our contribution to the environment and sustainability

Continuous improvement of our structures and auditing of our quality management, energy management and environmental management in line with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 5001 and ISO 14001 help us to successfully manage our constant growth and to remain true to our high standards for products and customer service.


Worldwide increase of energy efficiency

va-Q-tec's vision is to increase thermal energy efficiency worldwide. Our space-saving and efficient products save cost-intensive energy in areas of everyday use: refrigeration and freezing units, transportation of medication, automobiles and aircrafts, buildings as well as in technology and industry. For over 15 years, va-Q-tec has been furthering different industries through the use of innovative and environmentally friendly VIPs and contributing to innovation and sustainability. Our objective is to make entire power plants obsolete through worldwide use of va-Q-tec's vacuum insulation panels which help decrease energy consumption.

Environmentally friendly disposal and recycling after use

The core material of our vacuum insulation panels can be collected and recycled. The material of the core board, microporous silicic acid powder, is a precious raw material which can be reused after reprocessing, e.g. for producing a new vacuum insulation panel. The powder board can also be deposited of in a suitable disposal site if necessary. The high-quality casing can be disposed of as with any other packaging film, e.g. for use as fuel.

Social sustainability through employee motivation

Content employees are a prerequisite for the sustainable development of any company. va-Q-tec readily provides information about growth and development which in turn promotes identification of employees with the company. Ideas and suggestions improve va-Q-tec and encourage a positive working environment. Training courses and further education are important measures for the personal development of our employees. Joint festivities and leisure activities strengthen the bond between employees and our company.