As a global company, va-Q-tec offers its employees the opportunity to work abroad at another va-Q-tec location for a limited period of time.  

Larissa Bayerlein is employed at our headquarters in Würzburg in the department “customer service” and she received the opportunity to help set up the site in Langhorne. She shared her experiences with us:

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Larissa, where are you currently working and what kind of a job are you doing?

 I am currently working in the United States and supporting the development of  va-Q-tec USA Inc.

I’m responsible for purchasing activities, order processing, production organization and monitoring, logistics, accounting, reception, general processes as well as the setup of the ERP system. Towards the end of my stay I will train new employees to hand over parts of my duties.

How long are you going to stay there?

I started working in Langhorne in December but I only stayed for three weeks because of the Christmas holidays, which I wanted to spend in Germany. Then I returned to the USA in January for a total period of 6 months.

What was the reason for this exchange program?

My boss asked me if I could imagine staying and working abroad for a limited period of time.  I was immediately excited because I had always wanted to spend a longer time abroad.

Could you please tell us about your experiences?

In the beginning I was worried about ​​"what could happen and what can I expect”, but those thoughts passed quickly as I was able to get used to my new and versatile field of responsibility fairly quickly.

A big advantage was that during my apprenticeship, which I completed at va-Q-tec, I had already been able to go through all the departments. I, therefore, already knew the processes and was able to apply them directly. Langhorne is located in the east of Pennsylvania and due to its location I have been able to visit other cities such as Philadelphia, Washington D.C. or New York City. I am very happy to have been given this opportunity and I would be ready for any further stays abroad at any time.


Lisa Michel has been employed as an internal sales agent in the va-Q-tec headquarters in Würzburg for almost two years. She shared her first international experience with va-Q-tec with us:

Lisa, where did you work outside of Germany and what did you do there?

In November 2017 I spent 4 weeks in the newly opened va-Q-tec USA Inc. office in Langhorne, USA. I assisted with the handling and documentation of the first steps of the operational business there. My tasks included maintaining the newly created ERP system, creating quotes, coordinating and shipping orders as well as invoicing. I also prepared a few guidelines for certain processes in order to support future colleagues.

What was the reason for this exchange program?

Since I had already worked for va-Q-tec for more than a year and had a good overall understanding of the internal processes, I was asked to work in the US office for a few weeks. Before I went to Langhorne, I tried to learn as much as possible from colleagues of other departments at our Headquarters in order to be prepared for my tasks in the USA. My colleagues taught me about purchasing, incoming goods, and many other business areas.

In retrospect, what do you think about your assignment abroad?

I was able to gain a lot of interesting impressions, both in business and outside of the office. During the weekends I went on a few trips in the surrounding area including Philadelphia, New York and Washington D.C. It was a great opportunity and a time filled with interesting experiences.

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